A tip from a local

A dear friend of StockholmCityRental, fine artist Mats Bigert, says:

– ” In November 1893, the Biological Museum at Djurgården in Stockholm was inaugurated. It was the brainchild of the Swedish taxidermist Gustav Kolthoff, who developed the museum together with the well known natural painter Bruno Liljefors and architect Agi Lindgren. It was one of the first 360-degree panoramas to be constructed in the world where animals were placed in their natural surroundings. Today the building has very few visitors. Its interiors are dusty and embedded in a historical haze that, amplified by the dusty air, creates the nauseous feeling of being inside a time machine. In a way, it stands as a mausoleum for museums. It is a must visit!! During the Stockholm Art week ( April 1-6 ) the museum will house an exhibition called Biotope, inviting the contemporary art inside the historical dioramas.”

Mats Bigert is one half of the Swedish artist duo Bigert & Bergström.  www.bigertbergstrom.com

Please spread our site and the tip to your visiting friends. It will make their stay more wonderful and watch out for A tip from a local next week.


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