A tip from a local

A dear friend of StockholmCtyRental, super talented silversmith and artist, David Taylor says:

-” in the basement of The Police Station in Kungsholmen, right below the cells, is an distincly unglamorous swimming pool, Kronobergsbadet. It´s open daily to the public so it´s not only detectives and policemen doing laps. The bath itself is a wonderful example of Swedish functionalism from an early 70´s perspective. This place is mostly very quiet and peaceful and perfect for a relaxing swim in the 25 m pool, except on fridays of course when the local geezers and retired coppers gather in the sauna with their smuggled beer. They share tall stories about a street life in Stockholm that has long since disappeared. You  should go there and check yourself !! ” David Taylor, Craftsman Extraordinaire http://www.superdave.se/

Please spread our site and the tip to your visiting friends. It will make their stay more wonderful and watch out for A tip from a local next week.

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