An ever-lasting Stockholm souvenir

Around 80 million people, or roughly 1 %, of the population in the world have a tattoo. In Europe it´s 5-10%.
In Stockholm 33 %  have a tattoo.
Some think it´s awful, some think it´s wonderful, nevertheless it makes us the most tattooed people in the world along with the Maoris in New Zealand.
To see people with tattooed bodies, or even faces, working with elderly care or at a kindergarten are not so shocking anymore to most Stockholmers.
So… if you fancy an ever-lasting Stockholm souvenir while visiting our beloved city we suggest you to go to Carneval Tattoo at Tomtebogatan 18
Håkan, Dadde and Tom are really friendly and true pro´s that will guide you into their world of tattoo´s.
For the less brave: visit the Sjöhistoriska Museet and see the exibition about sailor tattooes. Open Tue-Sun 10.00-17.00 Free entrance.

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