shoe shop in Stockholm

Claes Göran – a new shop is born!

It´s with great pride that we announce the birth of the first Claes Göran shop in the world. A beautiful little place with an attitude, where they sell the most fantastic unisex sneakers of there own design and production. The staff, Sofia and Petter, are lovely and if you are lucky you can meet Claes Göran himself that might amuse you with one of his stories about anything from cowboys to food, or just an advice of what is important in life. So – go to Odengatan 62,  and become one of the first among your friends to own a pair of Claes Göran shoes.

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STOCKHOLM CITY RENTAL | Stigbergsgatan 32, SE-116 28 Stockholm, SWEDEN | Phone: +46 (0)708 56 62 46 |