1.To Book Complete  the booking form and e-mail it to StockholmCityRental.

2. Paying the boking fee After receipt of verification of  reservation from StockholmCityRental you are obliged to pay the booking fee, minimum 30 % of the total rental fee, as soon as possible.

3. When is the booking binding ? The booking is binding as soon as StocholmCityRental have recived the booking fee and have sent you a boking confirmation by e-mail

4. How to pay ? You can pay either directly to our bank account ……………………. Or via PayPal invoice. Bank transfer takes 4-6 days normally and might be expensive for you.       PayPal is immediate and free of charge for you, but we will add + 4% to the price to  cover our PayPal charges

5. What happens if payment is not made in time ? If the booking fee is not paid within 10 days after receiving the verification of  reservation, the booking will be cancelled.

6. Payment of remaining rental fee. The remaining fee must be paid to (and received by) StockholmCityRental prior to arrival. If this is not done….Sorry !! but .you will not recive keys and address to the apartment

7. Arrival and departure. Normally you check in after 9.00 and check out before 12.00. If this is difficult to you,    we will try our best to be flexible. You are obliged to respect the agreed check in and check out times and if you are late……..please inform us by phone as soon as possible so we can agree on a new meeting time.

8.Bed linen and towels Bed linen and towels are included in the rental fee and must be left in the appartment when you check out.

9. Cleaning The appartment is cleaned before your arrival. And even if final cleaning sometimes is included in the rent, you are expected to leave the appartment tidy, to strip beds, wash up dishes, take garbage away etc

10.Technical installations Most appartments have a washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, tv, freezer etc As these items are free of charge for you to use, you can not make claims if brief and unforeseen disturbances, damages, power failures etc occur. The same also counts for plumbing and sanitary installations etc. In case of such defects, the guest should inform StockholmCityRental, so that we can arrange for repairs as soon as possible.

11.Bed sizes The normal bedsizes i Sweden is minimum 90 x 200 cm for single bed and 160 x 200 cm (or wider) for double beds. If this is a problem for you please contact us  and we will try to fulfill your demands.

12.Allergies StockholmCityRental can not guarantee that there have not been cats, dogs, birds, nuts, smoke etc in the appartment previously.

13. Animals and pets Animals and pets may only be brought after previous permission by StockholmCityRental

14.Smoking Smoking is not allowed inside the appartments

15.Noise StockholmCityRental is not accountable for noise from neighbors, traffic, constructionwork in the house or the area etc.

16. Entry into the apartment The owner of the appartment or StockholmCityRental reserve the right to enter the appartment if importantly needed. StockholmCityRental will always try to contact the guest before to agree upon a time.

17. Keys You will recive minimum one set of keys upon arrival. You will be charged 600 SEK for each lost set of keys. If it is neccessary to have a change of lock, you might also need to be charged for this.

18. Who is renting and why ? The apartment may only be used for holiday purposes and may only be occupied by the persons in the contract. The use of the rented apartment or house for business purposes either fully or partly is strictly forbidden if not agreed with StockholmCityRental before.

If you want to rent the appartment for commercial purposes such as photoshoots etc this might eventually be possible through our sistercompany Shoot Locations. Please contact them at for more information.

19. Complaints of the location Complaints must be made to StockholmCityRental as soon as possible, at least within 3 days after arrival, in order for us to deal with and fix the complaints. Complaints can not be made after the stay because then StockholmCityRental has no chance of fixing problems or finding alternative solutions. We reccomend an on site house inspection upon arrival to avoid complaints later on.

20.Unlawful activities Any illegal activity such as prostitution or use of drugs is strictly forbidden. If this will occur the police wil be contacted and you will be asked to leave the appartment immidiately with no refund.

21. StockholmCityRental as provider StockholmCityRental act´s as an agency and provides short term rental of homes for holiday purposes. StockholmCityRental do not own the homes. The responsability therefore lies between the houseowner and the guest./ renter.

22. Cancellation When you have booked the appartment you have paid 30 -100 % of the rent in advance. If cancelling more than a month before your arrival you will be refunded what you have paid minus 15 %  of he total rent. If cancelling 30 days or less before arrival you are refunded 50 % of the total rent, and cancelling less than 14 days before arrival, there is no refund. All cancellations must be made in written by e-mail to StockholmCityRental.

As a renter you are obliged to take good care of the rented appartment, or house, and are responsible for all guests in your party and that they follows our terms and conditions. Removing items from the rented apparment is forbidden. Do not leave windows open when you leave the appartment. The appartment is under your care during the rented period and if there is a burglery or damages because the window or front door was not locked properly you might be obliged to pay the costs .Remember that you are liable for damages caused by you during  the rental period and has to compensate for them. You also have to inform StockholmCityRental immediately about all damages or eventual problems  that occurs.  Please also  respect the owners and the neighbours by not making noice or playing loud music etc especially between 10.00 -22.00. Disturbances may result in immediate eviction with no refund.




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