Lonely Planet ranks Sweden as 4:th best destination in the world to visit 2014!

We are happy to read this! Some of the reasons why Lonely Planet is ranking Sweden so high is:


All of this are off course true and StockholmCityRental want´s to take the opportunity to add some facts about our country that makes us proud:

In Sweden freedom of speech, democracy and peace have such a long history, that most Swedes takes it for granted. Equality between women and men, the right to marry someone of the same sex, freedom of religion, the right for woman to decide over her own body and to have an abortion are other fields where our country is in the front line. Sweden was also the first country in the world to forbid punishment of children. The list of good things can be even longer…come here and have a look yourself! We are sure you will find a modern and interesting country.

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