Special objects

When we hunt for fantastic Stockholm homes to rent, we occasionally also find amazing places elsewhere. Places that are so good and unique that we can´t resist them. We call these objects our ”specials”. It might be a lighthouse in Scotland, a sailing yatch in Italy or a villa in the archipelago. We never know what we will find!

Church for rent.

The angels have flown away from this deconsecrated religios building, now converted into a fantastic villa. From the outside, this little church from the 30´s, looks almost exactly the same as it did when it was built. But inside is a different story! The main floor looks pretty similar to its church days with more than 6 meters high ceiling, fant...
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SCR id: Specials Church

4 beds
Rates 4 nights: Price on request. SEK
Rates 1 week: Price on request. SEK

Moving to Stockholm for work?

Bright loft apartment for rent, with terrace and access to swimmingpool. This wonderful attic flat, once the home of a Swedish tennis legend, will be possible to rent on an annual basis, starting from 1:st of July 2016. It´s a comfortable, bright and sunny top floor home with a terrace and access to an outdoor swimmingpool. The apartment has tw...
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SCR id: 036

3 beds
Rates 4 nights: Price on request SEK
Rates 1 week: Price on request SEK
Area: Norrmalm

Arctic Norway

If you rent one of our Stockholm homes we want you to ‘feel like a local’, but if you rent this home –‘feel like Richard Attenborough’!! While having your breakfast at the dining table you might see whales and dolphins playing in the fiord. The wildlife is fantastic. Eagles, falcons, puffins etc are close by and very often there are elks ...
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SCR id: Specials Norway

6 beds
Rates 1 week: 16.000 SEK
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