surströmming stockholm

Swedish specialty that you never forget.

Surströmming – (fermented herring) the swedish food that divides our population into lovers or haters. There is nothing in between! If you are neutral to this, it´s like being neutral to a rollercoaster ride. Surströmming also divides the country into two parts geographically: north of Stockholm people tend to like it, and south of….they don´t.

StockholmCityRental loves Surströmming !!!

Just like when you tried coffee, beer, gorgonzola cheese or anchovies for the first time, it wasn´t probably love at first sight, but after a period of exercise something happened and suddenly you might start longing for it. If you are an open minded person willing to challenge your gastronomic borders….you should definately try it when you come to Sweden. Restaurants don´t serve it, and it´s not polite to the neighbors to open a can indoors. But if you ask us, we will be happy to eat and arrange a Surströmming party together with you.               Read more:

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